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Although birdlife in Uganda and the East African region is prolific as a number of birds can be viewed at close quarters/range in the vicinity of birding sites, many are not easily and readily seen in this context. It is for this reason therefore, we advise and recommend travellers on a bird watching safari to;

  • Carry a pair of Binoculars for keen and successful birding. Recommended are 7x35 or 8x40 which are relatively small in size and reasonably light in weight and would be appealing to budding beginners. The 10x40 or 10x50 combination would be appealing for keen and specialized birders or Professional birders would even prefer to use a Telescope especially for identifying smaller and distant birds.


  • A camera [DSLR or SLR] is recommended for captions especially when it comes to taking notes, spotting endemic, rare and endangered species. Photographing is highly recommended for post field check and analysis, this is because usually there is limited time while in the field to look through your bird checklist to identify the species. You can check online for the best wildlife photographic lenses, cameras and telephoto-lenses.


  • On any birding expedition, always remember to carry with you a notepad or/and a bird checklist and a pencil. While in the field, you take down some notes regarding the features of the birds especially once you come across birds you are unfamiliar with and later check in a bird guide list since time for looking through the lists while in the field may not be available. Best advice would be to take pictures.


For a successful birding expedition, specialized birding guides with clear knowledge of the destinations and species are readily available to lead you through.

  • Always be keen, try to be as silent as possible, avoid uncoordinated and sudden movements as well as finger pointing while on any birding activity/ session. Birders are advised to wear dull-colored clothes i.e. those that rather do not reflect light.


  • Though birdlife is prolific, for a successful trip with opportunities to spot a variety of birds, it is usually recommended to do bird watching early in the morning to midmorning hours and in the evening hours. Recommended times [0630/0700-1100hours or 1600-1800hours].


  • The best birding times/periods are usually the wetter months or seasons due to the fact that bird movements are not so wide spread as food is usually in plenty and readily available though this may make nature walks quite challenging. However, birding in East Africa can be done throughout the year. East Africa is home to 3 of the top 4 African countries whose bird list hits the 1000 mark of bird species, with Uganda being the smallest.


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