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By confirming a safari/ tour/ program or any service with Avens Travel World Ltd (ATW), we assume that the client has fully and carefully read, and agrees to the terms and conditions (T&Cs) stipulated below:

For any queries or clarity on the T&Cs, please feel free to get to us.

  1. Reservations/booking and Prices.

1. a. Inclusions

Avens Travel World limited works with independent service providers such as hotels, lodges, Airlines and domestic/ or regional schedule and charter flight companies among other services providers.

Booking a program (Tour) with us guarantees; Ground Transportation at an all-inclusive price (with a professional guide/driver and fuel), English speaking guide/driver, Mineral water in the car, Round-trip Airport or hotel transfers, Accommodation on every day of the tour, Restaurant meals, Activities /excursions, Sight-seeing, Site entrance fees and others as stipulated in the respective package by ATW and its independent suppliers; unless otherwise as agreed upon with the client.

1. b. Exclusions

Tours of any nature /type booked with us will exclude; International Airfares and tickets (though can be arranged on request for the best all-inclusive price in the market), Visa fees (arranged on request), Travel Insurance (can be arranged on request), Post Tour Accommodation, Expenses of any personal nature such as laundry, gratuities, tips, foods and beverages outside the meal plan such as wines, beers and other expenses not detailed or agreed upon with the client at the time of booking, however, information and advice about the above is available don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note; Accommodation: On our programs/tours/safaris booked by International /in-bound clients, the price quoted will always include accommodation on the day of arrival (Pre-Tour Accommodation), on a Bed and Breakfast basis unless agreed otherwise with the client at the time of booking the tour.

The accommodation choice (booked) will at most times but not always determine the level/tier/category (luxury/up-market, midrange, or basic/budget) of the tour program. However, standards of these facilities usually differ in relation/ comparison to those in the Western world.

1. c. Permits and Documents

For any safari or tour program that include for example; Flights (domestic or regional fly-in packages) and Tracking permits (Gorilla or Chimpanzee), a client must provide some of their details including; Full names as appear in their Passports or National Identity Cards (I.D), Passport or National I.D card numbers, and their nationalities as well as any other information as required by the service providers or authoritative body.

Clients will be required to travel with their valid Identification documents issued by certified authorities in their respective countries, as these are usually required for/to; confirm resident statuses at some tourist sites, ports/points of entry, for cross border travel and other purposes as may be required.

Document validity; the clients’ travel/ identification documents should be valid at least 6 months beyond the period of intended stay.

1. d. Service Requests and Supplementary information

At the initial stage of reservations or before confirming any program, the client must be free to inform Avens Travel World of any Special Service Request (SSR) or any Other Service Information (OSI), of any tour participant e.g. meals or diet, minors, requirements on disabilities, medical conditions plus any other requirement that needs prior notice. Failure to DO SO, require no special treatment after a program is confirmed. Avens or its suppliers will meet the requests if possible or/ and will advise accordingly

1. e. Availability

An existing package is not guaranteed unless it is confirmed. All accommodations, Gorilla permits/ tickets and Fly-in (domestic or regional flight) may have limited capacity or availability depending on the time of the reservation or scheduled/planned safari dates and may be subject to change. Therefore; reservations and bookings should be done well-in advance before the planned date of your tour, Avens Travel World will be able to advise and recommend.

Note; Gorilla tracking is one of the most selling wildlife activity in Africa, as a result, tracking permits sellout quickly especially during peak seasons. Similarly, to ensure positive conservation efforts of these endangered species, and the high risks from human interference that these creatures are prone to, tracking has limited capacity i.e. a group of habituated Gorillas is tracked once a day, by only 8 pax/people (maximum) in a group. Therefore, early reservation is required to secure a permit.  

1. f. Tour Dates and Times and Amendments

Avens Travel World works hard not to, but reserves all the right to change, re-schedule or amend the program date or times and other components of the safari such as; Accommodation, Transportation and other services as detailed in the itinerary depending on unpredictable factors. Any adjustments will be communicated to the client as soon as possible. However, there are those that may arise during the course of the tour; the team (Avens) will work them out.

Itinerary changes and delay; if conditions do not warrant during the course of the tour, and if a tour is delayed or rescheduled due to unpredictable conditions like bad weather, traffic delays, sickness or government interference or any other circumstance for which ATW is not liable or its agents, the clients will incur the cost.

1. g. Prices

  1. g. i. Quotation

The prices quoted for the program or tours are as per the itinerary whether pre-designed /arranged or custom designed /tailor-made. For the pre-designed packages, prices will be, as per the existing package components while for the custom-design tours, prices will be as per the suggestions made by (interest of) the client.

Look at/Refer to section 1.a and 1.b for inclusions and exclusion and /or contact us for details of any tour package for clarity or any enquiries.

  1. g. ii. Price changes

Prices in/on the company manuals i.e. Brochures, fliers, magazines or website and quoted to client is/are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until confirmed in writing.

ATW as company holds all the right to adjust the prices at any time, should there be any influencing factors such as; inflation /fluctuation in exchange rates, or change/increase in the cost of any tour element among others. The company will however try any effort to minimize the increments or make tour prices favorable /affordable to the client.


  1. Commencement and During the Tour.

2. a. Arrival

Most of our tours for arriving international clients usually /will always start with airport pick-ups. After a client booking and confirming a program with us or our Agents, on arrival at the Airport, they are welcomed/ received (meet and greet) by our representative or guide on the agreed upon time. The guide then transfers them to their accommodation for overnight stay or refreshment depending on arrival times.

Note. That this is not, mandatory or a rule as some client may determine on how they would transfer from the Airport to the (if necessary) accommodation either by airport taxi or any other, but the expenses incurred are met by the client.

2 .b. Execution of the tour

On the day the tour starts, your guide will meet you at your point of pick-up (accommodation or airport), briefs you about the program and commence.

  1. b. i. Wildlife viewing

It is always fun, privilege and pleasure to see and track wildlife in its habitat, and as such, we cannot guarantee wildlife or game viewing especially when it comes to some hard to see animals.

During the tour activities i.e. safari game drives /expedition, nature walks, launch trips, walking safaris, hiking, tracking and any other activity, take caution when viewing animas and carefully follow ranger/guide instruction for a memorable and successful safari. Avens or Site Authority won’t be held responsible for any damage or accident caused by misconduct or failure to abide by regulations.  

Primate tracking or/and special species watching; a Gorilla, Chimpanzee, or Golden monkey permit and carnivore /predators (Lions or Leopards) ticket guarantees access to or participation in the activity, but not their easy access or that they will be in plain sight.

  1. b. ii. Accommodation and Meal Plans

Accommodation booked/quoted in a package is based on twin or double rooms in hotels, lodges, Banda’s and tents. Accommodation /rooms reserved may be with private wash rooms /self-contained or public/sharing. Single rooms are available for/on a single supplements charge when availability is guaranteed.

  • Price quoted; in sales manuals, brochures etc. is based on per person double occupancy rate.
  • Meal Plans; Full Board [FB] includes; Bed, Breakfast and two major meals i.e. lunch and dinner. Half Board [HB] includes; Bed and Breakfast plus one major meal either lunch or dinner.

Note; Budget/basic accommodations are usually cheaper and have fixed menus, therefore; clients may not have chance to have a wide selection of meals. On the other hand, Luxury and Midrange accommodations at most (not all) times have A-lar carte menus and therefore may offer clients a selection to choose from.    

As accommodation may be subject to change /substituted depending on many factors, especially availability, in this case, an alternative or next higher level alternative can be suggested with applicable charges. ATW reserves this right especially for group travels.

  1. b. iii. Transportation

The transportation means /mode used will depend on various factors and a client reserves the right to know the kind/type of van/vehicle to be used and therefore a client will be informed during booking of the tour unless otherwise. Factors such as number of tour participants, route taken, prevailing weather and road conditions plus compositions of tour chosen will determine the transport mode. Effort is made to ensure, provide and select the best and roadworthy vehicles. However; we do not take liability for breakdown, puncture, damage and delays resulting from uncontrollable factors.

A company’s tour guide/ driver manager is a key part of your tour/safari. They are responsible for your road safety and transfer, they are therefore the only ones responsible to drive Avens Travel World’s clients and vehicles. Their decision on routes is prime and final.


  1. The contract

3. a. Subcontractors

Avens Travel World reserves all the right to hire or employ subcontractors to execute /carry out, All or Part of the services agreed to be supplied.

3. b. Termination

Avens Travel World reserves all the right to cancel, terminate, or discontinue any  person (s) and/or even cancel the entire tour or a segment of the tour, if in Avens’ opinion or opinion of concerned authority such as; destination/site, accommodation, group leader/manager or any other authority, some of the following happens;

  • Damage caused to property or to environments or eco-systems.
  • Misbehaving or acting in a way that is likely to cause hazard/harm or danger to any third party i.e. excessive drinking, theft, fighting, insults to others and many others.
  • Failure to follow or abide by the rules and regulations set by sites and their management among others.

Note: ATW is not liable for any losses or expenses incurred as a result and NO REFUND will be made in case of the event of termination or discontinuation.


  1. Payments, Cancellation and Refund policy

4. a. Payment Deposit

All/any tour(s) will be booked and confirmed only upon receipt of 30% deposit of the basic package/program rate. For special activities/services and permits i.e. Gorilla permits, Chimpanzee permits and Flights, a full advance payment of the permit and service respectively is required in order to secure the booking. Note; these are usually NONE REFUNDABLE in case of cancellation or no-shows and in case of adjustments early /prior notice is required in writing.

4. b. Full Payments

The payment balance is due /paid no later than 43 days prior to or before the tour start date, unless agreed otherwise.

Bookings made within 43 days before the arrival or commencement of the tour/safari date must be made /paid in full at the time of confirmation.

Note; Payments not made in accordance with the above, Avens Travel World reserves the right to cancel the booking and a surcharge of 15% applies.

4. c. Mode of payment

Payments for the tour or travel arrangements can be made by/through; Bank transfers, Cash or through Accredited and recognized Credit cards like; Visa Card, Master Card and American Express.

Note; costs or surcharges on international transactions or Credit cards are to be incurred by the client.

4. d. Cancellation and Refund

All cancellation requests must be made well (early) in advance and in writing and shall be effective on the date of actual receipt by Avens Travel World Ltd.

On cancellation of the program, the charges herein apply as a percentage of the basic package rate;  60 days (2months) or more prior to the start date of the tour-10% charge, 59-34 days prior to the start date of tour-25% charge, 33-8 days prior to arrival-51% charge, 7-3days -75% and 48hours (2days) and less prior to the tour-100% charge.

Note: You are kindly advised to purchase travel insurance to protect your investment in case of cancellations, delays and any other unforeseen circumstances.

Late check-ins, failure to use the service(s) or no-shows do not receive any refund.


  1. Limitations of liability

Avens Travel World makes every effort to ensure smooth and effective flow of services promised and arranged for its revered clients. However, the company, its staff, owners and members are not liable for damage, injury, death, loss or any interruption caused by owners, contractors and suppliers of accommodation, transportation and/or other program related services as all suppliers are chosen with utmost faith.

Avens Travel World assumes and takes no responsibility of such issues that may arise caused by; unforeseen circumstances like wars, strikes, quarantine, illness and detention, loss and damage of personal belonging.

The prevailing laws and regulations of the country govern the works and operations of ATW and its liability to passengers in its fleet. The same laws will govern liability to passengers while using the services of a hired contractor or service provider.

ATW makes every effort to ensure maximum safety of all its clients to have an epic and memorable time while enjoying any program or service, through providing pre travel advice/consultation to clients at no cost, and working closely with its contractors and service providers.

We highly recommend clients to purchase travel insurance where possible to protect their investment in case of unforeseen circumstances



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